Netplay Dolphin Guide

Connecting with games that contain or uses Dolphin to get online Is Easy to run sets on FGC Arcadia.

[If you guys cannot connect turn off your firewall.]



1. Download Dolphin or the Download package for your respective game over at FGC ARCADIA>Games>(Whatever respective game you want to download)

2. If you have the Preset up package Provided By supersonicstep
all you would need to do is Go to the Dolphin you would like to use.(4.0 Is For 32 bit machines, 4.0-7840 is for 64 bit machines but could run better on different machines or OS Supporting DX9-11, And 5.0-321 for 64 bit Machines, the Latest version of Dolphin that supports DX11-DX12.)

3. Launch Dolphin And Go to Config>Paths> And Change the Path that already has Something put into it to your path and the iso path to the “Game” Path in Dolphin 5.0-321 folder

4. Make Sure to Enable Cheats in Config and Go to Graphics and Configure what you need. Please Note that Memory cards will Not Be used In Netplay and cheats on both sides must be enabled.

5. Go to open to test the game and choose the game from the “Dolphin 5.0-321>Games” after that Navigate to Options and go to Netplay Settings, Make Sure Traversal settings are On.

6. Login to FGC Arcadia And go to the Netplay Chat.


7. Create a new topic on the Netplay Chat and say what game you are hosting.

8. After Negotiation of Who is Hosting or Who is Not Hosting, Make Sure to Select the Game And Give The Room Code to the Client

9. If you need Extra Buffer Set so for smoother netplay

10. Enjoy


7. Go to the Netplay Chat and find a Thread with your Game


8. After the Negotiation, Copy the Host code in the open space and Connect

9. Play