Quick Start!

FGC Arcadia is an online fighting game community for various games where players can play their friends in popular fighting of the past from the comfort of their own home. We use various emulators  and programs such as demul for NAOMI games (Marvel vs Capcom 2, Capcom vs SNK 2, Virtua fighter, etc.) and many more arcade boards to get them online using Hamachi, and Kaillera. This site allows you to have Battle Lounges, and Live Tournaments to Build up into a leader-board for each game on the website that will be supported.

[Game Setup and Matchmaking Setup]


Step 1

Welcome to FGC Arcadia! First thing is first you would want to navigate to Games and find the game of your choice that you are willing to play.

After that download the game and Navigate to the game Menu and Scroll down to the “How to Set up” Link and Click it to learn how to set up your game.

Step 2

Next you would head to the Community>Netplay Chat which is the discord and chat for matches as either a guest or using your own discord account!

Navigate to the #netplay-lobby and ask for games, You can talk anywhere if you please.


You can Sign up here at Community>Forum>Register. Signing up will open yourself to the forums that are just waiting for your posting pleasure and hosting tournaments.


If you are used to discord you can find are discord server here!